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Move the Windows Address Book

It is not possible to relocate the default OE Address Book from inside OE, but it is possible by editing a single key in the Windows registry.

  1. Close OE, any open message windows, and the Address Book. 
  2. Copy the *.wab file to its new location. If you don't know where your *.wab is located, open the Address Book and click Help| About Address Book. 
  3. Run "Regedit" and navigate to this key:

                        \Wab File Name

  4. Click Registry| Export Registry File and save the selected branch to your desktop as "WAB.reg". You can then restore the current location simply by double-clicking the saved WAB.reg file.
  5. In the right-hand pane, right-click on (Default) and click Modify, then carefully enter the full path and file name of your relocated *.wab.
  6. Close Regedit and open Outlook Express.

You may also change the path to the WAB by using a script, or a batch file that loads a saved registry file (*.reg). This can be very useful to those who frequently reformat their hard disks or who dual boot. You can download the script "change_wab_path.vb~", but you must edit it in Notepad before it will do anything at all. Save the file  to your hard disk, then open it in Notepad to read the instructions for use.

Click for more about the WAB in the Files & Settings topic.  

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