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Microsoft Outlook Express Support Center

This is a valuable addition to the MS Knowledge Base. You will find OE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), trouble-shooters, how-to guides and hot issues.

Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for articles about Outlook Express

The Knowledge Base is a great boon, although it is often difficult to find just what you are looking for. If you have trouble there, just go to the next link:

Collected links to MS Knowledge Base articles for OE, compiled by Jim Pickering (MS-MVP)

Jim has taken it upon himself to organize all the KB articles about OE into specific sections like "Cannot do...", "Hotmail issues", "How do I...", etc. This is an excellent resource, especially for those not used to searching the Knowledge Base.

OEHelp - OE5/6 FAQ and Tips, by Steve Cochran (MS-MVP)

A small but must-visit site. Be sure to download a copy of Steve's DBXtract program. It allows you to extract messages directly from your OE *.dbx files, a vital tool for rescuing damaged folders.

Marfer's Notes, by Mark Ferguson (MS-MVP)

Mark originally designed this site to make it easy for him to paste answers to FAQ's into newsgroup posts. Now that it is public, it is a treasure house of OE info and tips. It's great for quick solutions to common problems. There is also a downloadable version for offline use.

OE FAQ by Sandi Hardmeier (MS-MVP)

This OE page is rather small at the moment, but has clear and concise answers for common problems. Be sure to see Sandi's Internet Explorer FAQ, an outstanding collection of solutions for common IE problems and errors.

Outlook Express DBX File Format by Arne Schloh

This is the only resource I've found that discusses the actual structure of the *.dbx file format used by OE. This will be of interest primarily to advanced users with some programming knowledge. It should be noted that OE6 uses the identical file format.

Eric Miller's User Tips for Outlook Express 4

Eric Miller (MS-MVP) created this site for OE4 and sadly has not been free to update it for OE5 and OE6. However, much of the information still applies, and is definitely worth a visit.

TechHelp by Michael Santovec (MS-MVP)

While not an OE-specific site, Michael has compiled one of the best resources for finding help with technical problems. Highly recommended.

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